Decollete Mask

Decollete Mask

neck-1 neck-2

I was very happy to see this – sheet masks really seem to be improving my complexion, to the point where my neck is clearly being left behind, so a version which is designed to treat both areas at once looked like a great idea.

It’s a tricky item to deal with, though. It needs unfolding carefully and takes time to position piece by piece with multiple flaps and gaps to smooth out in the right places. There’s a 9 step set of pictorial instructions to help with this, but even so I found it needed readjusting constantly to keep it all in contact with my skin.

I have only seen this in Tokyo so far, but feel I could probably create the same effect either by doubling up on sheet masks, or tracking down a specific neck patch to use at the same time. But the product works so well that I will be pursuing this idea…