nipnon-2 nipnon-1

These have been around for a while now, but they still surprise me with how useful they can be.

Everyone has those moments when a wardrobe malfunction or an unexpected need to be culturally sensitive brings sudden embarrassment. You can pre-empt the possibility of one and carry these around in your bag in case of the other.

Alternatively, they can spare some blushes if you are wearing anything slightly see-through.

Essentially, they are large circular fabric stickers, in a tasteful shade of nude, which cover up your nipples. They go on and peel off quite easily, without leaving an annoying residue – in fact the adhesive is only round the edge of the circle so there is no chance of irritating your delicate areas.

They are cheaper, easier to carry ‘just in case’ and less liable to slip than the reusable silicone alternative. These are the Japanese version, and at less than S$1 a set, they are a steal!