Chin and Forehead Patches

Chin and Forehead Patches

This is a brainwave from Biore, who make a great range of those sticky strips for removing blackheads from your nose.

You can now buy a special pack which contains not just the regular strips but also smaller triangles of the same material designed to attack those stubborn areas on your chin and between your eyebrows.

Yes, you could have simply cut up and repurposed the normal strips – if you’d thought of it – but this makes life so much easier. Each pack contains 5 nose strips and 5 sets of 2 triangles, so you can have 3 strips working on your face at once.

The instructions remain the same… wet the area, apply the strip, wait until it dries, peel it off, then examine the sticky part with interest to see what it has removed. With the forehead strip, there is the potential bonus of discovering it has also caught those fine little eyebrow hairs which escaped your tweezers.

Obviously this is more of a thing for teenage skin, but I am still very impressed.


Batik Nose Strips

These are just nose strips (wet, stick, wait and peel to remove blackheads) but I bought them in Bali because they are decorated with 2 different Indonesian batik patterns. I love this – no-one looks their best whilst wandering around the house wearing one of these, so why not jazz them up with some regionally appropriate design?

No-one said souvenirs from Bali have to be touristy knickknacks…