Nose Wax Kit

Nose Wax Kit

It’s not that I have a particular problem with nose hairs, just this home care kit I saw in Tokyu Hands looked unusual enough to try.

And in theory this is quite an interesting idea – using wax to remove unwanted hairs in the same way you might groom your legs. The note on the back of the box saying that this was Brazilian wax also made me laugh… obviously.

The kit contains enough pieces to give your nose a Brazilian 3 times over. There’s a plastic beaker in which you put some water, then 3 small paper cups, 3 bags of wax pellets and 3 pairs of plastic wands with which to apply the wax.

You add 1 bag of pellets to the paper cup, sit this on top of the beaker and microwave for 1 minute until the steam melts the wax. Then you dip the wands in, one at a time, to cover the ends in the wax. Run this round the inside of your nose, press firmly so it all sticks, then pull.

This was the point where I remembered how much I hated waxing, and how very painful I found it the only time I ever tried. I hesitated, the wax went cold, then came straight off the wand when I tried to pull it out.

Cue panic, as I realised I had a nostril plugged with solid wax and no clear idea what to do next.

Well, it took tweezers, scissors and fingernails, leaving my eyes watering in pain as the hairs did finally come away. I am ashamed to say I could not bring myself to do the other side, and am still fussing over the sore, hairless and slightly waxy inside of the abused nostril.

You could call this a valuable learning experience. I may donate the remaining bits of kit to one of my daughters, but I will NOT be trying this again!

PiggyMom SoakSoak

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nose 1 nose 2 nose 3

With a name like this, and those pictures on the packet, who could resist?

This PiggyMom SoakSoak nose mask trio made me laugh before I’d even tried it, and it turned out to be quite a treat. I actually found the English instructions online before I began opening the packets, which was a good idea because there were various bits that I would never have guessed from the pictures with the (Korean) instructions. For a start, I was prompted to tear off the final packet and stick it in the fridge for use later.

As you can see from the pictures, this is a 3-part beauty treatment designed to clear those pesky blackheads and beautify the nose. And while it has Mom in the title, I feel sure it is aimed at the troubled skin of teenagers rather than older people. That said, I loved this product and found using it was great fun despite the complicated instructions that had me using the timer on my phone.

Sachet one is designed to soften and lift up the excess sebum which causes so many skin problems. It stays on for 15-20 minutes, is supposed to make it easier for the next step to remove the bad stuff, and apparently works even better if you use a steam towel at the same time. I decided that sitting in a bath whilst wearing it ought to have the same effect.

Sachet 2 seems to be something along the lines of a standard, pore unclogging, nose strip, in that you wet your nose, stick the thing on and wait for it to dry for 10-15 minutes before peeling it carefully off, ideally removing blackheads and accumulated grime at the same time. This one, though, turned out to be pink and sticky, and I’m not sure how well it worked because I needed to scrub the residue off my nose before deploying the collagen rich, pore tightening action of sachet 3.

Fresh from the fridge, this last one was very much like the usual sheet masks which drip with product and can slide around wetly unless you lie down and keep still. But the cold sensation felt wonderful for the 10 minutes it needed to stay on, and my nose felt very smooth afterwards, especially after I had lightly tapped in the remaining product as instructed. In fact, it felt even better the following morning, with the cleaned out pores barely visible and the skin bright and clear.

I am past the stage of teenage skin problems, and it is possible that the step 2 of this set might best be replaced with a regular blackhead removing patch – I shall have to experiment with an actual teenager at some point. But steps 1 and 3 were great, and I will be buying this particular product again.