Anti-Mosquito Paint

Anti-Mosquito Paint

When you live in a tropical climate, local wildlife is always a problem. So this new product from Nippon Paint seems to provide an inspired solution – interior wall paint which contains an insecticide strong enough to ‘knock down’ mosquitos. The active ingredient kills up to 90% of mosquitos on contact by disrupting their nervous system to cause paralysis then death. Other small and unwelcome creatures like ants and spiders are also liable to be affected, but humans are not.

As Singapore (although malaria free) has an ongoing problem with mosquito-borne dengue fever and now zika, this product should be very popular despite costing almost S$100 for a 5 litre tin, almost twice the price of regular house paint.

The company is already well known for producing very low odour paint, which seems to cover one of the main problems with insect sprays – the choking smell after you have used it in the house. There is also the nagging worry that you are then breathing in nasty chemicals, but the paint is apparently also free from DEET, lead and mercury, and passed toxicology tests before being approved for sale here.

Called MozzieGuard, it is supposed to be effective for up to 2 years.