Japanese Souffle Pancake

Japanese Souffle Pancake

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I’m only going to take issue with 2 parts of this – I wouldn’t call it a soufflé and I have never seen one in Japan – but never mind, it was very nice and I left my plate clean.

‘The thickest and fluffiest pancake you’ll ever have’ boasts the menu, and they are probably right, although the pancake was really just thick and cake-like rather than bearing any resemblance to an authentic soufflé. It still took 20 minutes to arrive, however, so really was cooked to order on the spot.

There are several versions available, including a very tempting looking chocolate version with real chocolate truffles on top. In a (probably vain) attempt to select a healthier option, I chose the one with caramelised bananas and blueberries. Ok, so it did have caramel sauce as well as a lot of vanilla ice cream, but calories don’t count when you are sampling something for the benefit of your website – right?