Nail Paraffin Pack

Nail Paraffin Pack

Melting paraffin wax to soothe and nourish your hands is usually a salon treatment, so when I saw this home care pack I had to snap it up.

From Sasa, it gives you a plastic cup containing a layer of pink wax blended with squalene, avocado and argan oils to strengthen finger nails and soften the cuticles.

There are detailed instructions you need to follow, as boiling water is involved and the possibilities of damaging yourself and/or the surrounding area are endless.

First you boil the kettle, then wait 10 minutes for the temperature of the water to drop to around 80 degrees C. (I may have helped it along a bit here with the addition of cold water). Next you add the water to the tub, up to the point indicated by the helpful line. There’s a paper sensor on the side of the tub which turns red when you add the hot water. You need to wait for this to turn blue, at which point the wax should have melted into water and the whole lot cooled down enough for you to stick your fingers in. (I may have helped this along a bit too, by popping it into the fridge for a few minutes).

I was expecting all of the wax to dissolve into the water, but what happened was that big white bubbles welled up in the wax and rose slowly up to form a deepening layer of oil on the surface of the water.

Once the sensor turns blue, and the oil has cooled slightly, you are supposed to dip your fingertips in 3 times, leaving them in the liquid for 1 minute each time. It was all pretty hot, however, and I soon realised that I already had a nice coating of wax on my fingers after even the most cursory of dips. This was lucky, as it was all still hot enough to turn my fingers red.

Of course, I was then effectively immobilised for the 15 minutes you are supposed to keep the wax on your fingers. So, thanks to my husband for taking the final photo, and for helping me into a relaxing steam eye mask whilst I was waiting.

Peeling the wax off afterwards is rather nice, as once you have the hang of it you can slide it off each finger like a little cap. On the down side, my fingers did feel oily and slightly scalded, and there were bits of wax left behind which needed cleaning up properly – but without the benefit of water, as you are not supposed to wash your hands for at least 2 hours afterwards. Obviously, that meant I instantly wanted to wash my hands, really, really, badly…

This is a reusable treatment, at least until the wax runs out. Once you have left it to cool until it sets again, you can simply drain away the water and put it away for next time.

I did find my nails had a nice sheen the following day, but feel you not only need to be very patient indeed to go through all the palaver, but also have nothing better to do for half an hour or more. Doing this last thing at night was a very good idea, although somehow there were drips of wax which I may never get out of the bedding. It was fascinating, though, and I will definitely do it again.