Hot and Slim

Hot and Slim

I’m not sure why I keep trying these slimming patches when I know the only thing that really works is diet and exercise. But hope springs eternal…

This abdominal fat sheet pack tempted me, but it was a total non-starter. I was hoping I would be able to apply it and get on with other things, but it was as wet as a normal sheet mask for the face so not suitable for wearing under clothes.

My real disappointment, however, was – despite what it says on the packet – this was absolutely not hot. It was cold and clammy, and my skin remained so for ages after I removed it.

On the positive side, the fact that it had a cute hole for the belly button did make me smile.

Hippo Patch

Category : Beauty

hippo-1 hippo-3

There’s no real way to lose weight apart from eating less and exercising more, but there’s also an irresistible appeal about anything that promises an easier option.

Besides, the artwork on this slimming patch, with the cute hippo transformed from sad to svelte, made me laugh. ‘The God of Patches. Bye-bye to excess fat’, says the blurb on the back. When you read the instructions carefully, you see that this product simply smooths and moisturises, to cool and firm the skin, so actual inch loss will be in your imagination.

But never mind, it was only HK$18 so had to be worth a try.

In practice, this patch was less amusing, probably because it is supposed to remain in place for 8 hours. And as it is a hydrogel patch, it is very wet and slippery, so it needs to be secured to your stomach with a large adhesive cover almost identical to a wound dressing.

I put this on at bedtime, and swiftly found myself in some discomfort. The patch seemed to heat up, and was unpleasantly damp and sweaty under the dressing. I did not sleep especially well, and in the morning found the whole thing very difficult to remove. The dressing disintegrated into annoying shreds which had to be peeled off individually, leaving a sticky residue on my skin.

And of course there was no discernible improvement… I won’t be buying any more of these.

V-Line Patch

Category : Beauty

V line patch

To be honest, the cosmetics industry in Asia has a lot to answer for, providing beauty-conscious women around the region with one thing after another to worry about. First it was whitening products, then hair fall (‘dare you take the white pillowcase test?’)

The latest manufactured beauty issue is the V-Line, with a plethora of expensive new products designed to address the problem.

A V shaped jaw line is, according to the packet, ‘attractive, charming and slimming’. I am not sure how anything short of surgery can fix the shape of the jaw line, but on the off chance this might help sagging skin, I gave it a go.

Essentially this product is a sling for the chin, sticky with adenosine and red ginseng, with loops to hook over the ears. I have to say that I hated it, and am not sure how I stuck out the recommended 3-4 hours wearing time. The sticky stuff was highly irritating and the loops pulled my ears down painfully into a horizontal position. I was amazed to find I did not have a rash after using this, and you will not be surprised to hear there was no discernible difference to my jaw line afterwards. I won’t be trying this one again!