Pedi Sock Foot Mask

Pedi Sock Foot Mask

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This is one of those ideas which sounds great but turns out to be somewhat disappointing. I’m all for these foot masks which you wear like socks as the product sinks in to make your skin soft and smooth. This particular variety has perforations at the toes so you can pull off the end of each sock and paint your nails at the same time, which must have seemed like a brainwave to whoever thought it up in the first place.

In practice, however, it does not work out the way you would expect. Maybe my feet are a bit big for the socks, but I found that the ends started to come away as soon as I put them on. I suppose I could then have given myself a pedicure whilst I was waiting for the socks to work their magic, but you know how it is when your toe nails are freshly painted – the slightest contact leads to dents and smudges, and it would have been tricky getting the socks off without doing some damage. Not to mention the fact that they leave your feet covered in excess product which then needs rubbing in. I really could not see how this would work as intended…


Low Tech Pedi

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This just really tickled me… at home in Singapore, having a pedicure involves an elaborate procedure that finishes with popping your toes into a contraption which uses ultra violet light to harden the polish. In Bangkok, you get a girl with a plastic fan. Of course, the whole thing was a tenth of the price, and the polish turned out to have stained my nails, but I am still laughing to myself about this picture. So it is all alright!