IOYS 3D Figurines

IOYS 3D Figurines

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Did you ever want to be made into an action figure? Well, this is the next best thing.

Ioys (which stands, oddly, for ‘I’m on your side’) can turn you into a full colour 3D representation of yourself in just 2 weeks.

I showed up at the Design Lab in central Seoul not quite sure what to expect, but was quickly blown away by the amusement value in simply taking part.

The ‘studio’ is a screened off cylindrical space filled with cameras on stands. There are well over 100 of them, all at different heights and angles, designed to capture you in 360 degrees.

One click, one second, and it’s done – you get to check the expression on your face, and, if you blinked when all the shutters clicked, try it again…

Bright coloured clothing is recommended, and you have to pose carefully so that, for example, the finished arms are not dangerously skinny and easy to break.

The figurines take about 2 weeks to be completed, so there’s a convenient system to have them mailed to your home later. A whole series of sizes is available, and you can choose to immortalise a pet, a couple, or a family group instead. I chose the next to smallest size, which was on a very attractive discount. Besides, this was a mad enough idea without ending up with a foot high mini me standing on a shelf.

At less than 70,000 won including international postage, this seemed to be a very reasonable price for a real one-off piece of memorabilia.

The finished article arrived packed in multiple layers of box and foam padding, so there was no danger of any damage, and it is surprisingly well done for the price. The surface texture is grainy, which means the spray on ‘photo’ with the colour and details is slightly blurry, but it gives an appealing soft focus finish. I’m very pleased with it!


Aura Photos

aura aura-2 aura-3

Intriguing, deeply spiritual or bogus science? There are all kinds of conflicting theories about aura photography, but you have to admit it makes for a fun thing to try at a Mind, Body and Spirit festival.

Psychics have always claimed there is an energy field emanating from the body, which can be ‘read’ to reveal all sorts of fascinating detail about your health, personality and possibly even the future. You could look on that as just another variation on palm reading and tarot cards, with the rider that here you can’t even see what the practitioner is working from.

With aura photography, however, you can not only see but get to take away the ‘proof’, with a polaroid photo and a printout explaining what all the colours mean.

Daughter #2 was keen to give this a try, despite getting the giggles as she sat before the screen with her hands pressed firmly onto plates which would apparently pick up her electrical current.

The picture shows the results, and came with 5 sheets of A4 detailing all sorts of fascinating traits and predictions, each one skilfully worded so you could apply it to multiple circumstances and hopes. It was cleverly done, was just scientific enough to make you wonder, and was well worth the S$10 we spent on it.

(In essence, daughter #2’s predictions emphasised growth and change in many areas, with a future full of fresh new ideas – not a bad bet for a teenager just about to go to university!)