Ear Floss

Ear Floss

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Opinions differ in how best to treat pierced ears. Some people swear by surgical spirit, others say that salt water is good enough, and the shops that actually do the piercings (obviously) want to sell you some very expensive care product in a bottle so big there is no way you will use it all before the expiry date.

It’s a problem, albeit a small one, as ears and earrings need cleaning if you are to avoid any annoying infections.

So I particularly liked these 2 items which I bought in Shibuya – a spray cleaner designed to reach the smallest crevice of your earrings, not to mention the insides of your butterfly earring backs, and  especially, the PiaFloss.

This is something of a design masterpiece – hold it one way up and remove the lid to find needle thin sticks of what is probably stiffened thread. Turn the tube the other way up and unscrew the end, and you will find a reservoir of what smells very much like surgical spirit. You soak the sticks you need in there, then push them carefully through the holes in your ears. There you are – sterilised inside as well as out. Genius!