‘Toilet’ Cafe

‘Toilet’ Cafe

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This is not one for the faint hearted, and is one of those jokes that could easily backfire.

Welcome to the Toilet Café, tucked away on the roof of a mini craft ‘mall’ in Incheon, Seoul.

There’s a very limited menu – 2 sorts of spaghetti, some interestingly shaped ‘desserts’, and a small collection of drinks, but no limit to the amount of toilet related paraphernalia decorating the place.

There are urinals packed with plants, set into the floor or serving as wash basins, stuffed ‘poo’ toys sit on every shelf and table, and poo shaped tags all over the windows carry the comments of previous customers.

To my shame, I ordered lunch here, which arrived in a miniature toilet bowl. Tasty as it was, I found this very disconcerting and had to avert my gaze and think of other things as I ate… look too hard at what is in front of you here and it could become a retch-inducing experience.

Although I did them sample a ‘poo’ cake filled with sweet bean paste, I could not face drinking latte from a toilet bowl as well. It was entertaining, but I was glad to be out in the sunshine and distracted by other things.

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