Frozen Popcorn

Frozen Popcorn

It’s a cast iron guarantee that you will find something completely ridiculous on Harajuku’s Takeshita dori, and this is my current top pick.

Frozen popcorn is possibly even more pointless than you might imagine. Even daughter #1 scoffed at my intention of trying it out…

The shop honestly looks like someone has taken over a defunct ice cream counter and wondered what to serve from the metal tubs left behind. They decided on popcorn, they chose some interesting flavours and additions, but in the end this is just cold popcorn and does not change either in taste or texture if you forget about it for several days after that first ‘so what?’ sampling.

I went for honey and raspberry flavour with m&ms. Other options ranged from cheese and peanut butter to custard and marshmallow. It cost an outrageous ¥583 for the smallest serving.

For my final verdict on this, I shall simply give you the name of this store – Good Grief.