Clip Markers

Clip Markers

As a person whose travel guides bristle with mini post-its marking the really interesting pages, I was thrilled to spot this very efficient clip.

Ready loaded with slim sticky strips just the right size for the job, it attaches firmly to the cover of your book or magazine, so you need never put said book down to hunt around for your markers again.

I found it in Tokyu Hands, in a variety of colours, for less than $8, and promptly snapped it up. Best of all, it comes with a refill set I am sure to be needing soon.

‘Secret’ Post-Its

secret-2 secret-1 secret-3

Something else too silly to leave behind on the shelves of Daiso, our local S$2 shop…

These ‘Post-It’ style notes are shaped like ice cream cones, which is amusing enough, but the ice cream part peels away to reveal another, differently coloured scoop below. This is where you write your secret message, before covering it back up so that only the recipient will read it. Theoretically.

I don’t imagine there will be anything secret about these for more than 5 minutes after the first time you use them, but they are novel, cute and entertaining, so I had to have them.