This is such a clever and amusing idea I found it impossible to resist – ice cream that you suck from a pouch. It’s the definitive answer to the nuisance of a melting double scoop dripping down your hand, or simply being knocked off the cone to the floor. The total lack of mess involved also makes it perfect for small children or the adult klutz in your life. Even better, because it has a reseal-able cap, you can stick it back into the freezer to finish off another day.

Coolish is Japanese, and comes in a range of flavours including mango, coffee and Belgian chocolate as well as plain vanilla. You can buy it in convenience stores all over Japan, and also in supermarkets in other Asian countries.

You have to squeeze the pouch fairly hard to break up the ice cream inside before you can suck it from the tube at the top, but it is well worth the effort. And because it is in a cold pouch rather than out in the open air, it melts very slowly so lasts a long time.

We all really like this particular treat, and snap it up whenever possible.