Singapore Sling Marmalade

Singapore Sling Marmalade

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I’m not terribly partial to marmalade but I have been known to down the occasional Singapore Sling, and besides, the box was very pretty. So this was a no-brainer for Christmas guests keen to try everything Singapore has to offer.

The original Sling, of course, was created in 1915 at the Raffles Hotel, and contains all sorts of tropical fruit flavours as well as the cherry which gives it its deep pink colour.

Straits Preserves have managed to capture the fruity taste pretty well, so although there is (sadly) no alcohol in there, it is very like the original cocktail. I would not have called it marmalade, however, which means I am likely to eat this even if my guests don’t.

According to the packaging, this is also good in tea, with cheese, or as a glaze for roasting. Very versatile, which perhaps justifies the S$15 price tag.

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