Raindrop Mizu Mochi

Raindrop Mizu Mochi

I might have spotted it in Bangkok, but this is a uniquely Japanese dessert – a ‘raindrop’ cake made mostly from natural spring water, which claims to have no calories at all.

Actually, since the cake itself is so delicate it apparently melts away within 30 minutes at room temperature and so is not on display, what I spotted first was the sign at the Kyo Roll En stall in the Emporium. ‘Miraculously clear, light and refreshi ng – made for your mouth!’… it looked too good to resist.

The cake turned up served beautifully on a leaf shaped mat, looking exactly like a giant, perfect, raindrop, and was almost too lovely to break into. By itself it has a cool, refreshing taste, slightly sweet but in a very subtle way. The main flavour comes from the ‘kuromitzu’ Okinawan brown sugar syrup, and the ‘kinako’ roasted soya flour which is served alongside (and which cannot also contain zero calories but never mind…)

Eating this was a real pleasure – it would be great to see it in Singapore.