Pebble Reflexology

Pebble Reflexology

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In traditional Chinese medicine, meridian lines running through the body are supposed to connect various parts whilst providing a pathway for energy. Problems in one area can therefore be helped by massage or acupuncture in a different area, unblocking the energy flow and boosting health.

It is an idea which has become very popular in alternative medicine worldwide, and Western scientists have discovered there can be great health benefits from certain TCM practices.

Reflexology, or massaging the feet to stimulate the pressure points along the meridians, is one of these, and it is not unusual to find carefully constructed pebble paths in European parks so that people can give themselves a DIY reflexology session as they take a constitutional stroll.

You can also buy special sandals with pebbles fixed into the soles, as you can see from the photo of the ones I bought ages ago at a Festival of Mind, Body and Spirit in London.

Here in Singapore, many public parks have areas of different shaped pebbles where you can often see people walking up and down barefoot. Like the tai chi practise that goes on every morning, it’s one more way for the older generation to stay healthy.

Like many things which are good for you, however, it is hard to remember to do it on a regular basis… especially when – like this one – it can be pretty painful. I may have to grit my teeth and give it another go!