3 in 1 Ring

3 in 1 Ring

I do love a piece of jewellery that can be ‘tweaked’ to do double duty – a ring that has two different sides, earrings that can be transformed to add a dangling extra to a simple stud, a necklace that twists into a bracelet. It’s not just fun, but can give you endless options from a very small selection of components. I know jewellery doesn’t take up much room, but when you are travelling light sometimes every item counts.

This ring from Danish jewellers Dyrberg/Kern is really striking. The stainless steel band comes with inserts to adjust the size, and an ingenious screw fitting means you can interchange the 3 toppings that make up the set.

There’s silvery heart shape, a ‘diamond’ set in gilt and a pink disc which looks to be brushed metal, also in a gilt setting. It’s an airline exclusive, spotted in the Tiger Air magazine for S$150, and if the metal parts had all been the same colour I might have been seriously tempted.