Double Colour Mascara

Double Colour Mascara

Category : Beauty

There’s something very appealing about RMK cosmetics. Perhaps it is the vibrant colours, the shiny silver packaging, or the unusual presentation of, say, eyeshadows in pods or cubes with sliding lids. This particular product, a mascara which holds 2 colours in a single wand, was something I could not leave behind.

You could use just one shade at a time, depending on what you were wearing, but the combinations are designed so you can use different shades on top and bottom lashes. As the blurb says: ‘high drama results from its sophisticated interplay of colour: shading and volume above, with brightness below’.

The wands are marked 1 and 2 so you know which way to use them, and there are 5 colour combinations including the blue and green here, plus the likes of pink and black or red and brown. They are also waterproof without being too difficult to remove later.

These became Christmas presents for daughters #1 and #2, and went down so well I am considering buying another for myself.