Everlasting Rose

Everlasting Rose

Nothing says “I love you” better than a single, perfect rose. The problem is, they don’t last long (and there are enterprising people out there making a good living by sending bouquets of dead roses to that ex you now hate…). But what if you could present your partner with a real rose that is guaranteed to last for years?

It is all apparently a question of treating the rose using a special technique which replaces the natural sap with glycerine, water and dye. This leaves the petals with a soft texture which looks and feels amazingly natural, and means the rose does not need water or any special attention.

I saw these in Bangkok – they were offering a whole range of lovely pinks and reds as well as this multi-coloured version, which was put together from individual petals. At 1,000 baht a bloom I wasn’t planning to buy one, no matter how beautifully packaged, so was politely discouraged from taking any more photos, mai pen rai…

Rose Ice Cream

rose-ice-3 rose-ice-1

These were too pretty to resist, and the long line of eager customers was also a good indicator that here were ice creams well worth trying.

In the end, it was only ice cream, but delicious ice cream and shaped (with surprising speed) on the spot into the coloured rose of your choice.

Only 5,500 won for a little piece of frozen happiness – a bargain!