Liquid Salt

Liquid Salt

Category : Food

This caught my attention in a Bangkok supermarket. I have never seen liquid salt before, and here it was in a range of 8 different ‘flavours’ including spicy, truffle, and the garlic which I chose.

Further investigation revealed this to come from Fossil River, a Spanish company now in its 3rd generation of artisan salt production.  Based in Villena, the firm uses water from underground rivers which is allowed to evaporate in saline pools. This method means the resulting salt crystals retain all their natural minerals.

The liquid salt seems to be mostly water, although it is cloudy rather than clear (each 100ml contains 17g of salt) and I did have the slight suspicion that I could easily make my own by dissolving salt in water. Although of course I would not be using the gourmet salt from the La Fortune salt pan…

This product is designed for dressing salads or enhancing the flavour of raw dishes like carpaccio, with the spray packaging making it is easy to add uniformly. Being a liquid, it blends far better with the dish than if you had sprinkled grains, and the dilution means you end up eating far less salt. Which can only be a good thing.

The spray I have would be better if it contained a lot more garlic, but that is a personal preference. Otherwise I like it very much, and am wishing I had bought more bottles as interesting gifts.