Brow Trimmers

Brow Trimmers

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It never occurred to me before that eyebrows might need trimming – a quick tidy up with tweezers every couple of days has always seemed to work just fine.

But it is always nice to be corrected on these things, especially by Korean beauty experts like Etude House, who have produced this fascinating bit of equipment to address yet another problem you did not know you had.

Essentially, it’s a pair of scissors with a tiny comb built in, shaped and sized to use easily on your eyebrows without having to twist your wrist into strange positions to get the angle right.

You use the comb to sweep the brow hairs up, then close the blade to cut them into shape. Which is actually a slightly scary thing to do for the first time, when you are not sure what the final look will be.

Happily, I can report that these work well, the scissors snip cleanly and you are left with neatly groomed eyebrows. A satisfactory outcome, especially for just S$6. Except if I want to use these again I shall have to go and buy another pair… daughter #2 liked them so much they have disappeared back to England with her…