Hot Can

Hot Can

This name makes me laugh, because it describes exactly what you end up with when you try this product. Essentially, it’s a self-heating can that can give you a hot coffee or cocoa, or even a comforting soup, however far you are from the nearest café or kitchen.

There’s a fairly simple science behind it – the insulated aluminium can is made in two parts, with the drink in the outer shell and the chemicals which create the heat in the inner compartment. Although when I say chemicals, these are actually just water and calcium oxide. Pressing a button on the bottom of the can then shaking it for 30 seconds allows them to combine, which creates enough energy to heat the drink by 50 degrees C.

The chemicals never come into contact with the drink, and the bi-products of the reaction are non-toxic and non-flammable, which means that they are not going to harm either you or the environment. The only thing you need to be careful of is the temperature, but there is a heat indicator label on the can which will not only tell you when your drink is ready but also warn you if it has become too hot.

The range here includes tomato and chicken soups as well as tea, coffee, cocoa and mocha, and although the cans are fairly heavy they are probably ideal for long walks and picnics in remote (and chilly) places.

You may have noticed that I haven’t yet mentioned the taste. There’s a reason for that. They aren’t actually that nice, but the cans do what they say and sometimes you really need a hot drink, so for that reason I am going to cut them some slack.

These are made in Malaysia and currently only available there.