Contour Trio

Contour Trio

I do enjoy a makeup product which sets out to be fun and attractive as well as giving you a full range of (sometimes unexpected) beauty benefits.

Like this ‘InstaReady’ Contour trio BB stick from Physicians Formula, which is not just a roll up make-up stick comprising stripes of 3 different contouring colours, but contains ‘InstaFilter Technology’ for that perfect selfie. The packaging lists 12 ways this helps you ‘contour like a pro’, from defining and perfecting to oil control, blurring and light diffusion. It even has a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30.

Helpful diagrams on the back explain how you should apply this product, sweeping the stick along your cheekbones and down your nose to illuminate and accentuate your features. The highlight adds radiance, the sculpt is for warmth and the contour defines.

Although the colours of the product appear fairly strong on their own, when you apply them to your skin they give a much more subtle look. You can angle the stick if you need just the outer colours in a certain area, and it is best to use a fingertip to blend the colours together. I was very impressed with the way this worked – the stripes were very quick and easy to apply and blend, and the finished effect managed to be subtle and natural whilst also leaving a faint golden shimmer.

I can see there might be a fight over who gets to keep this product. Maybe I should have bought three!

Photo Hair Liner

This appears to have been designed purely with that perfect selfie in mind – it’s a cushion tipped powder ‘pencil’ which you can use to neaten up and define your hairline for better photos.

In a way, although this is a powder rather than the traditional paint, it reminded me of classic geisha makeup. The heart shaped hairline and all important pointed design at the nape of the neck were drawn over the white face paint to accentuate these key features, and were even more than the eyes or tiny rosebud lips.

This particular product is from Etude House and is such a curiosity, not to mention quite expensive at S$12.90, that I shall be interested to see how long it remains available.

Selfie Coffee

Category : Food

selfie 1 selfie 2 selfie 3

A long time ago, Haji Lane in Singapore was lined with hostels, where pilgrims would gather before embarking in their hajj. It was right beside the harbour then, but land reclamation and air travel have put an end to that business.

For a while, Haji Lane was just a back alley, home to dustbins and graffiti, but it has since been transformed into a hipster hangout crammed with quirky cafes, bars and boutiques. And coffee shops…

This is where I came across Selfie Coffee, whose name sums up the major reason for dropping by. Using some miracle of modern technology, the friendly staff will loan you a phone loaded with their special app, point you at a table of props, then print the resulting circular snap onto the top of your coffee.

There’s a machine in the kitchen that uses coloured, vegetable oil based, inks, which are perfectly edible in the same way as the food dyes used to print pictures onto birthday cakes. Here, the picture goes onto the thick layer of cream which tops your drink, so the colder the drink, the longer the picture lasts. (Obviously, if you choose a hot mocha, it is going to melt pretty fast)

The menu lists a huge range of possible beverages, with flavours from berry and banana to hazelnut and salted caramel. Prices go from S$7.50 to 8.90 – which is what I paid for my dark chocolate frappé.

It’s a little strange drinking a picture of yourself, but with careful positioning of the straw you can make it last until the bottom of the cup. Of course by then, your face will have crumpled somewhat, but never mind.

This was delightfully silly and I enjoyed the experience immensely.