Collagen Blink

Collagen Blink

This 3 in 1 serum apparently contains collagen, snail extract and vitamin E, all in a handy pouch with a screw cap. There’s enough of the clear jelly inside to last at least a week, which will make it perfect for my next short trip.

I thought I’d better try it out first though, and was surprised to find it made my skin feel really tight and tingly. But I gather the point of serum is it helps what you put on next absorb into the skin more easily, providing you let it dry first. Once I’d applied my usual night cream, the problem disappeared, but I’m still not sure if I really like this one.

Since it is a) Korean and b) I found it in Bangkok, it is unlikely that I’ll have the opportunity to buy any more in the near future, so that’s alright…

Wrinkle Serum Pads

Cooling cucumber eye pad versions of these have been around for ages, but this was the first time I had seen something targeted at wrinkles. The bright pink colour and printed berry decoration also drew my eye.

To be honest, these are really just a smaller and more portable version of sheet masks, although there was a lot less product in these pads which made them easier to work with – I was able to stick them on and then carry on with other things rather than having to lie down during the 15 minutes recommended wearing time.

These are Korean, obviously, and apparently contain 12 natural ingredients including the cold pressed extracts of organic strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. There are 6 pads in a re-sealable packet, which means they are good for 3 treatments, and they really do smell fruity so are very pleasant to use.

I did find, though, that they were just a bit big to fit comfortably over my laughter lines without encroaching over my eyes. But my skin really did feel tighter and look smoother afterwards, and there was enough product left on the pads for me to wipe them over my neck afterwards, hoping for a similar effect.

I liked these very much and if I see them on sale here in Singapore, will definitely buy them again.


Injection Mask

injection-mask-1 injection-mask-3

Here’s a fascinating new variation on sheet masks – it comes with a syringe loaded with 2 different solutions. You press the plunger and shake the syringe to combine the 2, then pop open the plastic lid in the middle of the packet and inject the mix over the mask. It all seems very scientific, with the idea that the serum in the syringe adds something fresh and extra to the product already on the mask inside the packet.

This comes from Oozoo, which of course is a Korean brand, and promises a Hydro Lift effect. It was otherwise a perfectly normal sheet mask, which you leave on for 20 minutes or so before tapping in the excess product, although in this case the solution was very thick and left my face with a sticky sheen.

It was rather more expensive than the usual masks, at S$7.50, but I thought I could see a difference the next day, with my skin feeling tighter and more toned. I will probably buy this again.