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Sheep Cafe

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Cat and dog cafes used to be all the rage, but these days they are just plain passé.

Everyone is trying to outdo each other with unusual new livestock, with varying degrees of success. Racoons and owls have had their moment, but these are essentially predators, and it does not take much online research to discover what can happen when interacting with one of these creatures goes terribly wrong.

The Thanks Nature Café in Seoul, however, may have found a sensible compromise. Here you can sip your fruity tea whilst the fuzzy noses of Lala and Lulu nuzzle at you through the fence.

You can go even inside their enclosure and get up close, because these are the cleanest, most placid and harmless creatures you will probably ever have a drink with.

The sheep seem perfectly content in their space, which is technically outside but well sheltered from the elements, and a cup of tea is a bargain at 7,000 won, even for a fancy blend like the honey and pomegranate I chose, complete with boba and fruit jelly in the bottom.

What’s not to love?

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