Catching Crabs

Catching Crabs

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This sign, outside a seafood restaurant in Singapore’s Chinatown, always makes me laugh.

The crabs are out there in the fresh air in a sort of cage, and you can – if you are silly enough – reach through the bars to give them a prod.

But they have their claws trussed up with string so that once the customer has chosen which one should be served with up with black pepper or the signature chilli sauce, it can be removed to the kitchen fairly safely.

You’d be very unlucky to have your fingers nipped. But as crabs are pretty expensive maybe some passing chancer decided to try for a free supper, and this sign is to warn off anyone else.

Beware of Kites

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The notice says it all – and visitors to Enoshima, an island near Kamakura in Japan, had best beware.

The kites hover round and really do swoop in to seize whatever treat you may be eating as you wander along the beach or over the causeway to the island. We were all scared silly and daughter #1 almost lost an ice cream as one bird made a determined bid to grab it from her hand.

Luckily she turned just in time, and our shrieks of surprise were enough to send it off to find more easy prey…

IKEA loos

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Why have I never seen these signs before?

I visit IKEA on a fairly regular basis, and usually have a quick spin round to see what’s new before homing in on what I actually came for, but these polite notices (in every one of those sample layouts they have) appeared to be something new.

They are not even just signs, but serve the dual purpose of carefully covering the toilet bowl with a strong layer of clear plastic.

They beg the delicate question… did something unseemly happen here to make these signs necessary? I hardly liked to ask!

‘Banana Skins’

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Spotted in a cafe on Orchard Road, Singapore, I thought it was a really witty idea to make the usual ‘slippery floor’ signs look like banana skins…