Wasabi Ginger Ale

Wasabi Ginger Ale

I’m not big on fizzy drinks but I do like ginger ale once in a while (preferably in whisky…) and of course I am usually entranced by new things from Japan. So obviously I did not hesitate to sample this fascinating new soda from Singapore’s ramen king, Keisuke.

Wasabi can be an acquired taste, and whilst I do like it I don’t like too much of it on my sushi because I want to be able to taste the full flavour of the fish as well.

But ginger has a similar spicy kick, and I was delighted to discover how very well the 2 flavours go together. The wasabi is almost at the bottom of the ingredients list, so there clearly isn’t very much of it in there, but what it does is somehow enhance the spicy flavour of the ginger without overpowering it. It makes the whole thing richer and tastier than regular ginger ale, and I shall definitely be ordering more.



When you think of Switzerland, it is probably cheese and chocolate that first comes to mind. The ingredient they have in common is milk, and this is where you picture happy cows munching flowers in an Alpine meadow, cow bells round their necks.

What might take you by surprise is that milk is also a key ingredient in what can only be described as the Swiss national drink.

Rivella, 78 million litres of which is apparently consumed every year, might look like a sort of golden soda, but actually contains 35% milk whey. This is a protein-containing, low fat by-product of the cheese industry and, in powder form, is available as a food supplement as well as being used as an additive in biscuits, bread and pastry. Here it gives real meaning to the brand name, which is loosely derived from the Italian word for ‘revelation’.

I’ve lived in Switzerland twice during my peripatetic life, and enjoy Rivella very much, so I was amazed and delighted to find it (and for less than S$5) on the shelves of an upmarket grocery store in Singapore. There might be 7 different varieties these days, but the original with the red label is the one that sends me down memory lane.