Fruit Soju

Fruit Soju

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If you thought that cocktails topped up with fruit juice were quickest and easiest way to drink far more than you intended, you have not yet met fruit soju.

Served in the hollowed out pineapple/watermelon/coconut (delete as appropriate…) and with the soju whizzed up with the fruit that has been removed, you can slurp this up with a straw without even noticing the alcohol content.

And with each fruit enough for at least 4 people to share, it is hard to keep track of how much you personally have consumed whilst you are diving in to make sure you get your share.

But who’s complaining? It’s a great way to quench the fires of kimchi and kochi-jan that make Korean BBQ so exciting, and for the morning after – there’s always Alka Seltzer…