Lip Stencils

Lip Stencils

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You can buy all manner of pencils and brushes to help you redefine the shape of your lips, thinning the contours, plumping out and enhancing where necessary, all before you apply the lip colour itself. Or you can try these…

Daughter #2 was game, but swiftly changed her mind. These are Korean, and Korean girls are notoriously doll-like and petite, yet the stencils were all enormous. Perfect if you fancy the ‘trout pout’ look or are some sort of Kardashian wannabe.

Even with the smallest stencil, daughter #2 ended up looking like she was auditioning for the circus and declared the result to resemble “the Kylie Jenner lip challenge gone wrong”. It seems safe to say these will not be in use again.

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Blush Stencils

cheek stencil 7 cheek stencil 3 cheek stencil 2

These stencils seemed a little ridiculous at first, I didn’t really think you needed showing where to apply blusher unless you were going for a cosplay-style baby doll round cheek look. However, after some playing around, they actually grew on us.

The trick is to position the stencils carefully then blend out the colour really well – leave it as is and you look pretty silly, but with a bit of care they can give you the appearance of highly defined cheekbones.

They are Japanese made, ridiculously cheap, and just a bit of fun.

Brow Stencils

brow stencil 7 brow stencil 6 brow stencil 8

Beauty stencils are having a moment here in Asia, with options available for all sorts of makeup applications.

Brow stencils are possibly the most popular, as it is common here to shave off your brows and draw them back in on a daily basis. Not everyone has a steady enough hand and the artistic skill to do this with consistent results, which is why these have taken off.

But if you still have your natural brows and simply want to enhance them, these may not be the best thing to try as the stencils won’t necessarily suit your existing eyebrow shape.

They are easy to use, however, especially as the rubbery texture makes them stick to your foundation, which helps hold them in place as you apply your eyebrow pencil.

My tester found them to be disappointing, because they gave her a more severe look than she would normally create for herself, although if she was slightly older and needing a strong look for the office, they would probably have worked very well.

Just another of those unusual items which are fun to try, and at S$2 a packet, hardly a loss.

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