Scented Nail Stickers

Scented Nail Stickers

I find this idea bemusing. ‘Scratch and Sniff’ stickers had a moment many years ago, and I don’t recall anyone who seriously thought they smelled anything like the fruits they were supposed to be channelling.

Fast forward to these chocolate scented nail decorations, all in cute cupcake and cake slice pictures. They have to be aimed at pre-teens, but daughter #1 gamely gave them a go (I expect the wine helped…), only to declare them “not terribly chocolatey”.

To be honest, this is probably a good thing, as being enveloped in the aroma of chocolate is highly dangerous. I will never forget the set of cocoa butter body products a friend once bought for my birthday – they were wonderfully rich but smelled so strongly of cocoa that I could not stop myself from feasting on the nearest available chocolate bar every time I used them. I am afraid they had to go…

Heel Decals

How to give your shoes that designer look without spending hundreds of dollars? Well, if you are after the full ‘Louboutin’ then you could always try red enamel paint or even nail polish, otherwise there are heel decals like these.

Another fun product from Heels Diva, there are patterns ranging from hearts and houndstooth to wavy stripes and flowers, all for under S$13. According to the packaging, they ‘add a flash of personality to the arch of a pair of heels, instantly making personal statement shoes!’

The blurb also claims these are ‘easily applied’, although I would take that with a pinch of salt. The decals are peel and stick, but the shiny plastic is so thin that it tears very easily so has to be handled really carefully.

Having tried to stick them onto an old pair of heels, I would suggest you start with a brand new pair undamaged by wear and tear and completely free from the dirt and grit you pick up in the great outdoors (because however well you think you have cleaned them up, those soles will never be completely smooth again).

I would also make a template of the area you want to cover, then trace it out extremely carefully on the decals before you cut them to size. Even then, the slightest miscalculation as you start to stick them down will mean a serious overlap further along the shoe.

The major problem we found was that trimming the decals to size after application was extremely difficult. Small tears and ragged edges were impossible to avoid, although the worst of the damage was fairly easily fixed with judicious use of a black Sharpie round the edges. How long the decals will stay on remains to be seen, especially in British weather, and I await reports from ‘club night’ with interest.




nipnon-2 nipnon-1

These have been around for a while now, but they still surprise me with how useful they can be.

Everyone has those moments when a wardrobe malfunction or an unexpected need to be culturally sensitive brings sudden embarrassment. You can pre-empt the possibility of one and carry these around in your bag in case of the other.

Alternatively, they can spare some blushes if you are wearing anything slightly see-through.

Essentially, they are large circular fabric stickers, in a tasteful shade of nude, which cover up your nipples. They go on and peel off quite easily, without leaving an annoying residue – in fact the adhesive is only round the edge of the circle so there is no chance of irritating your delicate areas.

They are cheaper, easier to carry ‘just in case’ and less liable to slip than the reusable silicone alternative. These are the Japanese version, and at less than S$1 a set, they are a steal!

Litter – or is it art?

litter 1litter 3 litter 4

There’s an old joke here in Singapore that this is a ‘fine’ city – mostly because you can be fined fairly large amounts for flouting the many laws which regulate public behaviour. These include the likes of jay walking, failing to flush a public toilet, and – of course – littering. Drop a snack wrapper or a coffee cup, and you risk a fine which starts at S$2,000 for a first offence, going all the way up to S$10,000 plus a possible 12 hour corrective work order for repeat convictions. People moan and make jokes, but the vast majority obey the rules, with the obvious result that Singapore is one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world.

That said, there are a few rebels out there… and this utility pole on the roadside by the National Museum always makes me smile. To visit the museum galleries, even if you are a local resident and exempt from payment, you need a sticker, the colour of which changes every day. And you know how it is with stickers – you exit the museum and you don’t want to leave it there on your jacket  advertising where you have been. But where to put it? Someone clearly walked out of the museum and, whilst waiting to cross the road (without jay walking), removed their sticker and popped it on the pole. Other people followed suit and, in the finest traditions of spontaneous street art, it is now plastered with literally hundreds of coloured squares.

The Singapore clean-up squad will doubtless get here very soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this harmless but colourful bit of sticker-bombing fun.