Instant Sticky Rice

Instant Sticky Rice

The clue here is in the word ‘instant’, which should also be a warning…

There really is no substitute for doing things properly, and that includes naughty desserts. My all-time favourite of these is mango with sticky rice, and of course making the rice takes ages and a lot of care. So even though I knew in my heart that anything from a packet that promised to be ready in 4 minutes was never going to be a patch on the real thing, there it was at eye level in a Bangkok supermarket and I could not resist.

You will note that the packet contained freeze dried durian rather than mango, but as I can really live without durian in any shape or form, I told myself I would junk that part of the kit and try the rice with fresh mango instead.

It was a good theory, and under the circumstances it was reasonably successful. Following the instructions on the packet, I added water and popped the rice into the microwave. It came out looking very sloppy, but thickened up once the coconut milk powder was stirred in, at which point I added the mango.

The verdict – it wasn’t great but it was way better than I was anticipating, and I ate a fair amount before remembering how many calories this dessert contains. I won’t buy this again, but it was an interesting experiment and will make me appreciate the real thing even more the next time I have the chance to eat it.



Mango Sticky Rice

ntro mango mango ice msr pot 3

This has to be my favourite dessert, preferably eaten at a street stall in Bangkok – luscious slices of fresh mango on a mound of warm rice cooked in coconut milk with salt and sugar, topped with a sauce of coconut cream. Crispy bits as a garnish, optional.

When I see some novel interpretation of this treat, I have to give it a try. Here, then, are 3 variations on a theme.

Nitro frozen mango sticky rice, above left, came from an ice cream shop in Joo Chiat, Singapore, and was completely delicious. It had real sticky rice at the bottom and the authentic sauce with crispy bits on the top. The mango in the middle was a nitro-frozen puree, made on the spot with the nitrogen coming from a tap into the blender.

The mango sticky rice ice cream on a stick, above centre, was spotted at street market beside the Singapore river. It was also really nice – mango ice cream at the centre with a layer of coconut ice cream on top, coated in white chocolate then dipped in crispy rice and flakes of coconut. I’m not too crazy about white chocolate but it worked here and the overall taste was great despite being only loosely based on the real thing.

Sadly, the mango sticky rice spread, above right, was a bit of a disappointment, even though I bought it in Thailand where it should have been more closely related to the real thing. I suppose it could best be described as a kind of mango curd, although the coconut cream flavour made it all sickly sweet in a way the actual dessert is not. I could not detect any rice at all and will not be trying this one again any time soon.