Deodorant Talc

Deodorant Talc

Category : Beauty

There are many ingenious products designed to help you beat the 100ml only liquids rule and travel with everything you need hand carry, like tooth wipes and solid shampoo bars.

Here’s another, a deodorant which not only comes in powder form but also in a container less than 9cm high.

Tao zing powder is Thai and claims to work as an anti-perspirant as well as preventing odour. It looks and smells like talcum, and although it is designed to be used on the underarms, also works well if you sprinkle it in smelly trainers.

I tried this on one side only during a normal day in tropical Singapore, and was impressed. The powdered armpit stayed fresh and dry, and the only disadvantage was that faint scent of clean baby that I always associate with talc.

I like this and will be keeping it handy for my next hand carry only trip.