Rainbow Cheese Toast

Rainbow Cheese Toast

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If ever there was a snack designed for its Instagram appeal, it is this Rainbow Grill Cheese Toast. It’s bright and colourful, with four shades of vividly dyed mozzarella and a generous handful of sprinkles, it comes apart with just the right degree of stretchy gooey cheesiness, so what does it matter how it tastes?

Maybe I am being unfair, and there are people out there who like the taste of melted mozzarella on heavily buttered toast. I’m not one of them, but never mind – it made me laugh and it was fun to try it out. Well worth S$5 even if I did barely eat 2 bites. And who knew you could get halal mozzarella cheese?

Shibuya Toast

Category : Food

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In Shibuya, of course, this is simply ‘toast’, and I still can’t believe that I have never actually eaten it in Japan.

Never mind, it is now a mini food craze in Singapore, so I thought that I had better catch up. I chose to try it at the very elegant Dazzling Café, where cute rabbit ears on the chair backs make for amusing and unusual selfies if you get your head in the right position.

The toast itself is a perfect example of a classic Japanese dessert – it looks enormous, but the part you eat is small enough not to compromise your carefully honed figure.

It arrives on the plate looking like an entire loaf of bread, topped  and decorated with fruit, ice cream and custard. Surgery is required to slice it open carefully and reveal the toast fingers stacked inside.

Sugar tongs are provided for you to extract each finger gracefully, at which point you spread a little of the custard on before serving yourself a small amount of ice cream and fruit.

It is all very genteel, quite tasty, and perfect for sharing, ideal for a group of ladies who lunch, or Office Ladies out for a not-so-naughty treat.

The toast pictured here is Strawberry Lover Honey Toast, served with custard, strawberry ice cream, strawberries, strawberry sauce, honey syrup, pistachios and snow powder (by which I think they meant icing sugar…)

I had this with a tropical fruit tea which was little more than hot fruit juice but still very nice.

It was quite expensive at S$18.90 per toast, but worth it for the experience.