Portable Toilet Bag

Portable Toilet Bag

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There’s a phrase where I come from, used to describe the contents of a suitcase or car that has been over packed … we say it has ‘everything but the kitchen sink’. This portable toilet bag reminded me of that, because it really does seem over cautious to be packing your own toilet.

Mind you, I can think of trips I have taken where the ‘facilities’ have been a huge trial. In the wilds of Western Tibet, for example, the toilets are so basic and horrible that it is actually better when they don’t exist and you have to find yourself a quiet spot in the open. And on some long train journeys, the bathrooms tend to be locked not just during but also for an hour before AND after stops at places where you never know if there is time to risk a quick dash into the station building. Travelling on the Trans-Siberian with 2 small children, this was sometimes an enormous problem…

Anyway, when I saw these in ever reliable Daiso, I had to give them a go. The packet says they are very handy for traffic jams and disasters, although to be honest I cannot see how anyone but a child could get away with using one in a car.

The dark blue bag has a zip lock fastener to prevent nasty spills afterwards, and a strange, foam piece at the neck which ladies are advised to fold over the top. I am not clear how this makes the opening any wider as advertised, and you can’t then fold it inside the used bag afterwards, but never mind.

Inside the bag is a handful of white grains that are supposed to turn liquids to jelly, and absorb the smell. As this gave off a disturbingly savoury aroma like prawn crackers as the bag was opened, I was not optimistic, but in fact it all worked exactly as claimed.

Although the bag is dark blue, it is still fairly see through, so it is nice that the kit includes a small black ‘bin liner’ in which to hide everything until you can dispose of it discreetly.

I can’t say I am ever going to be carrying one of these around on a normal trip, but for just S$2, if I had toddlers in tow, I might be tempted to slip a couple into my rucksack.

‘Toilet’ Cafe

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poo-4 poo-2 poo-3

This is not one for the faint hearted, and is one of those jokes that could easily backfire.

Welcome to the Toilet Café, tucked away on the roof of a mini craft ‘mall’ in Incheon, Seoul.

There’s a very limited menu – 2 sorts of spaghetti, some interestingly shaped ‘desserts’, and a small collection of drinks, but no limit to the amount of toilet related paraphernalia decorating the place.

There are urinals packed with plants, set into the floor or serving as wash basins, stuffed ‘poo’ toys sit on every shelf and table, and poo shaped tags all over the windows carry the comments of previous customers.

To my shame, I ordered lunch here, which arrived in a miniature toilet bowl. Tasty as it was, I found this very disconcerting and had to avert my gaze and think of other things as I ate… look too hard at what is in front of you here and it could become a retch-inducing experience.

Although I did them sample a ‘poo’ cake filled with sweet bean paste, I could not face drinking latte from a toilet bowl as well. It was entertaining, but I was glad to be out in the sunshine and distracted by other things.

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