Tightline Mascara

Tightline Mascara

As with most new things, it takes a bit of practise before you really get the hang of this 3 in 1 eyeliner/lash primer/mascara.

The idea is to press the super thin wand along the base of your lash line, leaving enough colour there  to give an eyeliner effect, then wiggle and sweep it through your lashes for application of primer and mascara combined.

I bought this mainly because it is so small (only 2ml and less than 9cm long) and I thought it would be ideal for my travelling makeup bag – any eyeliner effect would be a bonus.

Because the wand is so thin, you need to be able to see very well close up to wield it properly. Contact lens wearers might find it easier to apply before actually putting their lenses in.

Still, I am pretty pleased with this, not least because it comes off so much more easily than the last mini mascara I bought, which coated my lashes with a plasticky film that was really hard to remove at night. I will probably continue to use my regular eyeliner under my lower lashes, but I found this made a big difference to my upper lashes. If it continues to please during my next trip, I may well be buying a spare.

Filipino Sachets

sachets 1 sachets 2

I am all for anything which comes in a travel size, so was delighted by the sheer range of unusual items I found in various Manila shops.

They had all the things you might usually expect, but rather than miniature jars and bottles – the sort of quarter-size products you find in the travel section of UK pharmacies and supermarkets – these were like the sachets you tend to get as samples from the beauty counter.

And some of them held surprising things. I’ve had toothpaste in tiny tubes, for example, but never in a foil sachet. Ditto the liquid deodorant and ‘feminine wash’. For a swift night or two away in one location, they are actually just the thing.

Once I’d noticed these, I was also quite taken by the food items packaged in a similar way. There were literally dozens of sandwich spreads, cheese related products and even butter, none of them apparently needing refrigeration.

I realise that for some of the local population, storing food in a fridge isn’t an option, nor is the possibility of buying a larger and more expensive package of these things. Many of the available items could also make up part of a picnic which won’t expire before you get where you are going. Whatever your reason for buying products in sachets this small (and inexpensive), it is rather nice to see they are actually there on sale.

Travel Sizes

travel sizes

We all love the ‘free gifts with purchase’ that sometimes come with expensive cosmetics and skincare. A far more useful size than the tiny tubes and sachets you are given just for showing an interest, they are ideal for trying out new products without making a major investment, and are an excellent size for taking on your travels. The only problem is having to splash out on at least 2 major items before you get your hands on them. There is a way around it, however… in Singapore, not just in Chinatown but even on the main shopping street of Orchard Road, certain discount perfume outlets run a thriving trade in large samples from most of the big brands. No need to spend several hundred dollars on fancy face cream first, for extremely reasonable prices you can select just the travel-sized bottle or tube you need. SKII, Dior, Clinique – you name it, there are dozens of options. I just really hope these have not left the factory by the back door…