Bangs Cut Kit

Bangs Cut Kit

Sometimes you see something so silly you cannot help but buy it. OK, maybe that’s just me…

But look at this – a clip on spirit level for your fringe, so you can cut it straight or simply thin it out evenly with the scissors that come alongside.

On second thoughts, this is something of a godsend for anyone who has made a terrible mistake whilst trying to trim their own hair at home, or even managed to bodge someone else’s (sorry, daughter #1, you probably don’t remember but the photographic evidence still remains) .

This is from Etude House, and gave me a great deal of simple entertainment before I even opened the packet. And I guess you could say that it works pretty well, assuming you have the confidence enough to take the plunge and snip. I kind of chickened out, only trimming a tiny amount before heading for the hairdresser as planned.

(In my defence, I really am still traumatised by the fringe catastrophe visited on daughter #1 all those years ago, to the extent that I don’t go near children’s hair with scissors)

This is a fun and useful tool, though, which is presumably why it was seized upon and removed to England by daughter #2, who trims her own hair all the time.