Security Garter

Security Garter

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This little gem was tucked away towards the back of the Silk Air in-flight shopping magazine. Retail opportunities at 38,000ft always provide me with great entertainment – there’s stuff in there you really have to raise your eyebrows at, especially the prices.

But this actually looked like it might be an interesting buy. I mean, there are nights out when a handbag is a positive annoyance, and (as daughter #2 would tell you) even having your valuables safely zipped away inside one is no guarantee you will not have them pinched in a night club crush.

So, a lacy garter with multiple pockets for all your essentials, including phone and keys, seemed like a neat solution, and something a lot less likely to be accessed without you noticing. Obviously, you’d have to be wearing a skirt long enough to cover it, but it still strikes me as a promising idea. A snip at S$55.