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I hadn’t planned to do this but the people trying it out as I walked past looked to be having so much fun (plus it was a ridiculously cheap 5,000 won for 10 minutes) that I could not resist giving it a go.

Numerous options were available, from just watching 3D movie clips to what looked like a terrifying roller coaster ride.

You would not catch me on a roller coaster for love nor money, so I settled for the middle ground with an archery game that involved fighting off marauders attacking a castle. Very Game of Thrones, except that the enemy were dressed like Vikings but flipped and dodged like ninjas.

I was quickly kitted out with the VR box over my eyes, headphones for the special effects, and hand pieces that allowed me to pick up a bow then notch and fire the arrows.

It was hilarious, harder than I’d imagined, and very easy to feel immersed in the ‘reality’ of the castle – perched on the battlements, I really felt like I might topple off as I leaned over to pick off intruders.

Clearly I need a lot more practise before I do this sort of thing for real, as I failed to prevent my castle from being overrun. But it was great fun and I felt suitably exhausted afterwards.

My bet is that it won’t be long before everyone has one of these at home instead of their PlayStation and Wii.