Vivi Ball

Vivi Ball

This was something of a tricky product to work out how to use, and I am still not sure I am doing it right… The pictures on the packaging suggest that rolling this little ball over your face will lift out dirt and generally make your face smooth and shiny. Helpful graphics show you which direction to roll the ball over the different areas of your face – up and down on the forehead, circles on cheeks and neck, upward sweeps beside the mouth and so on.

I could not find any instructions in English, but can see from the Japanese that you are supposed to use this every day for 5 to 10 minutes.

The ball itself comes wrapped in shiny silver paper, with a further layer of tissue underneath. Inside all that it is pale and slightly powdery, and leaves a residue on the skin which left me wondering if I had got it all wrong and this was just a novel way to apply a dry foundation.

But I persevered and was interested to note that although the seemed to be nothing stuck to the ball, once I’d washed the powder off my face my skin did look clearer and smoother. I shall probably keep on trying.