Water Massage

Water Massage

So, there you are on a shopping spree in the mall, needing a pick-me-up. A massage would be perfect, but you don’t have the time or the inclination to check into a spa, strip off and end up an hour later slick with scented oil.

Many places run a thriving trade in 10 minute shoulder massages or coin operated foot massage machines – this comes somewhere in between and is highly entertaining to boot.

The water massage machine is a large metal pod in which you lie down, fully clothed and protected by a thick rubber sheet, whilst being pummelled by jets of water. It works a treat, and you emerge invigorated but unscathed.

Not that the sensation isn’t completely weird, however. It is somewhat disconcerting to be shut inside the massage capsule in the first place, even though the end is open so your head is more or less in the open air.

Then the sensation of being under the great sprays of water whilst remaining completely dry is very odd – like trying to shower through the curtain, or walking in a river in waders.

It is also incredibly noisy as the water pounds against the thick rubber sheet, which is why you wear ear protectors.

But a 10 minute blast is a lot of fun and at £10, well worth it for the amusement value as well as the invigorating effect. We tried this in London’s Westfield and would do it again any time.