Watermelon Powder Spray

Watermelon Powder Spray

You may well ask.

I saw this in Bangkok and was intrigued, although in retrospect I think I should probably have left it on the shelf.

Watermelon powder spray is supposedly made with 100% Thai herbs and seems to be some sort of a breath freshener. The directions on the packet say: ‘once you feel uncomfortable in your mouth or throat, directly spray on them. It can use several times a day depending on personal situation.’

The powder comes in a small bottle with a nozzle, and you spray it on by squeezing the sides so it puffs out of the top. This is not a particularly pleasant sensation, and reminded me of those Japanese medications which come as a sachet of powder that you tip into your mouth – infinitely more difficult to swallow than a tablet or a spoonful of linctus.

What comes out of this bottle looks like brown dust and has a bitter taste which did not appear to sweeten or freshen my breath. I really didn’t like it and will not be using it again.