Wrinkle Smoother

Wrinkle Smoother

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This is ridiculous, but was on sale at Tokyu Hands for such an attractive discount that I decided I would try it out.

As an aside, it also amused me that this Japanese product was illustrated with a Western blondeā€¦

Basically, this is a short stick with a shaped silicone head which you use from the inside of your mouth to smooth out wrinkles. One side of the head has little bumps, which you apparently use to massage your gums and stimulate production of saliva. The other side is curved into a half ball shape, with a ridge along the centre.

According to the instructions, you shape your mouth into an O then massage gently up and down along the line that forms from your nose down to your mouth. You are supposed to do this morning and evening, 10 times on each side. (Then carefully wash and dry the tool for the next time, obviously.)

After giving it a go, I have to say I am not sure how this is supposed to help your wrinkles. Although I was very gentle, it felt like I was stretching the skin of my cheeks, which did not strike me as the best move. Also, the aftermath was very reminiscent of the discomfort you get after a visit to the dentist, when having all that paraphernalia in your mouth has left you feeling bruised and sore.

This is not going to be part of my daily routine.