Wrinkles Pressing Tape

Wrinkles Pressing Tape

If ever there was a product which does what it says on the box, this is it…

I found it in Tokyo and was charmed by the blurb which says:  ‘to all ladies who enjoy adding their ages… let’s enjoy creating your beauty of future.’

What it has is 24 shaped and textured strips of adhesive tape, designed to cover and smooth the wrinkles beside your eyes and mouth. I wasn’t entirely sure how long these were supposed to remain in place, although they felt so awkward once on that I did not manage more than a couple of hours. Basically, they feel exactly the way you might imagine a piece of adhesive tape stuck to your face would feel, and they look fairly strange.

They did, however, appear to work, but only temporarily and only on the areas where they were stuck. What this meant was that I had an area of smoother skin in the exact shape of the tape, with a distinct line between that and the natural wrinkles that had not been covered.

I’m not sure how you might get around this problem, except possibly by creating a mask in this material which is designed to cover the whole face…

This is from Magie Lab (a magical laboratory where women can produce their own beauty).