Titanium Balls

Titanium Balls

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Necklaces and wristbands containing microballs of pure titanium have been popular among athletes for quite a while – the theory is that something in this precious metal balances out the electrical impulses in your body when you are injured, exhausted or stressed. There is little scientific proof that this works, but sometimes the placebo effect is all that matters.

Titanium is very expensive, however, so buying one of the branded versions is not really a spur of the moment, ‘let’s see if this helps’ sort of thing.

But then I saw these stick on balls in Daiso, the Japanese equivalent to the Pound Store, and thought that I’d give them a try.

According to the packet: ‘If the body’s natural bioelectric current is disturbed, it tends to leave various unpleasant symptoms’ including all sorts of aches, pains and general ill health. The way to use these plasters, each small disc holding a 1.2mm titanium ball in place, is to centre them on the meridian points of the area which is giving you trouble. Small diagrams helpfully point out where these points are, but I suggest you ask a friend to help you position the more inaccessible ones such as those on your shoulder blades.

I stuck all 10 of these on in various places, most specifically on a foot that has still not fully recovered from falling off a dodgy pavement in Manila. The plasters stayed on 3 days, surviving multiple showers and dips in the pool with no signs of becoming unstuck, which was quite a surprise. I did not notice any difference, in fact they are so small and unobtrusive that I forgot I was wearing them until the 3rd day, when they suddenly began to itch. When I removed them, I was left with a series of indented red dots where the titanium balls had been, although happily these disappeared overnight.

If you look carefully at the bottom of the packet you can see a disclaimer which says: ‘This product is not a medical device’. But it didn’t do any harm and – for just S$2 – was interesting to try.