Tooth Wipes

Tooth Wipes

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There are times when you are travelling, or simply out and about, when it would be very nice to brush your teeth. But carrying round all the kit, not to mention finding a bathroom with clean water, can sometimes be a trial, especially if you are – say – trekking, or on an overnight train in some lesser developed country.

For this sort of problem, I am very keen on these tooth and tongue cleaning wipes. They fit neatly into your bag along with such similarly useful items as tissues and hand sanitiser gel, and can be used discreetly without any need for water, just a bin.

I picked these up in a Tokyo pharmacy for less than ¥300, but there are many brands available including ones by Muji that sell for S$4.90 here. You pull out a wipe from the re-sealable sachet and use it on a fingertip to rub around your mouth. Once you are done, you can turn it over and use the other side to wipe down your tongue as well.

The cute pictures on the box persuaded me to buy this particular brand, and checking the wipe after I’d used it I could see it had done its job as well as leaving my mouth feeling fresh. I was not so sure about the grapefruit flavour, though. It was so authentic it made me feel like I had been (naughtily) drinking juice after cleaning my teeth – a mint flavour would have been better.

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