Twisty Tail Mascara

Twisty Tail Mascara

Category : Beauty

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Too Cool For School are pretty much guaranteed to make me laugh with some new product in their range, and since the brand seems to have disappeared from Singapore I was pleased to have a chance to shop there in Seoul.

My top pick was this Twisty Tail Mascara, which has a mechanism built into the base to bend the applicator brush through 3 different positions.

The first is relatively straight, the 2nd helps set your lashes as the gel formula dries and curls, the 3rd picks up any of those tiny end lashes that you missed. There are fibres in there for a 5mm long lash effect, but it isn’t actually waterproof so is not too hard to remove.

The fantastic packaging is a bonus! Not cheap at 23,000 won but definitely worth it.