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There are a great many very rich people in Singapore, most of whom like nothing better than to flash their cash and have their egos stroked. And how better to rub it in than by having your very own VIP ATM machine right by all the big name designer stores at the top of Orchard Road?

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this ‘Treasures’ ATM lobby for special customers of DBS, the Development Bank of Singapore. Not so subtly coloured gold, with a giant screen detailing all the benefits of the bank’s iWealth app, this ATM provides a safe place, screened from public view, for the super wealthy to withdraw large sums of cash.

Apparently you have to deposit more than S$350,000 in a special account to become a DBS ‘Treasure’, but then you can lock yourself away in this secure lobby to take it out again without worrying that the person behind you in the queue might steal it from you. Although to be honest, for local muggers, watching this particular place must be right at the top of the list when it comes to target spotting.

For regular DBS customers – including myself – a normal ATM machine concludes its business with you by saying ‘It’s been a joy to serve you’, both out loud and on the screen. It makes me wonder what it says to customers in the Treasures lobby…