What is www?

www stands for weird, wacky and wonderful.
It’s amazing how many things that you accept as normal in your home country are reinvented somewhere else with a completely unusual twist. Whether you find them weird, wacky or wonderful depends very much on your personal point of view, so everything you’ll find on this site is categorised only according to its intended use – you can make up your own mind which ‘w’ it could be.
As I live in Singapore, and love to travel in the region, many of the items I’ve highlighted here are Asian. Also, since I have two young adult daughters, a lot of the things I spot on my travels are the sort of fashion or beauty related products I think they might enjoy. Some of the food, however, is more often than not a local delicacy that would raise eyebrows somewhere else, and is not always gratefully received as part of the ‘care packages’ I send home…